Swedenborg Christmas Gift Bundles!

If you are interested in pusrchasing one of these extra special gift ideas please email us at info@swedenborg.org.uk 


Swedenborg and the History of Ideas | £30

William Rowlandson, Imaginal Landscapes (2015)

John Haller, Distant Voices (2017)

Kristin KingGardens of Heaven and Earth (2011)

Swedenborg In Context | £20

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Introducing the Mystic Swedenborg (2010)

Carl Robsham, Memoirs of Swedenborg (2011)

Gary Lachman, Into the Interior: Discovering Swedenborg (2010)

The Swedenborg Archive | £30 

Homero Aridjis, Eva Hoffman, Darian Leader, Tom McCarthy, Selina Mills and Chloe Aridjis, An Evening of Dreams (2017)

Ken Worpole, New Jerusalem: The Good City and the Good Society (2017)

Homero Aridjis, An Angel Speaks (2015)

Iain Sinclair, Swimming to Heaven: The Lost Rivers of London (2013)

Iain Sinclair, Blake's London: The Topographical Sublime (2012)

Swedenborg Transaction Series - Vintage! | £5

Swedenborg & Modern Ideas of the Universe (No. 1)

Swedenborg’s Search for the Soul (No. 2)

Ultimate Reality (No. 3) 

Swedenborg as Physical Scientist (No. 4) 

Swedenborg’s Preparation (No. 5)

Miniature Leather Arcana Series Vols 1-4 | £10

by Emanuel Swedenborg

Arcana Caelestia I Nos. 1-823

Arcana Caelestia II Nos. 824-1520 

Arcana Caelestia III Nos. 1521-2134

Arcana Caelestia IV Nos. 2135-2605