Heaven, Hell & Other Places

a Film about Emanuel Swedenborg

Written/Presented by Philip Makatrewicz
Directed/Edited by Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan
Commissioned/Produced by Stephen McNeilly
Script consultant: James Wilson
DVD design/artwork: James Brook


Heaven, Hell & Other Places: a Film about Emanuel Swedenborg (DVD)


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Produced by the Society's Stephen McNeilly, written and presented by the novelist Philip Makatrewicz, and directed by the award winning filmmakers Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan, this documentary explores the central themes of Swedenborg’s life and work, charting his journey from scientific genius to mystical savant - messiah to some, madman to others. Examining the influence his vast and varied writings have had in the spheres of science, literature, mysticism and religion, the documentary aims to serve as an invaluable introduction to the enigma regarded by Borges as 'the most interesting man in recorded history'.  Filmed on location in London and Stockholm, with special access to Swedenborg's summer house, garden and personal diaries, the documentary features interviews with renowned writers on Swedenborg, Gary Lachman, Lars Bergquist and many others, coupled with a newly commissioned soundtrack by Kurt Benbenek.

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