In Conversation: Paul Tecklenberg

Paul Tecklenberg and Nora Foster

Author: Paul Tecklenberg with Nora Foster
Publisher: Swedenborg Society
Editor: Nora Foster
Date: 2010
Binding: Archival card/paper + audio CD
Limited edition
Preface: Stephen McNeilly
Pages: 24
Illustrations: 7 colour plates
ISBN: 978-085448166-8

In Conversation: Paul Tecklenberg
(ISBN 978-085448166-8)



Limited signed edition. Paul Tecklenberg, Swedenborg Society Artist in Residence December 2009 to February 2010, in conversation with Nora Foster. Interview conducted and edited by Nora Foster, Publicist and Assistant Curator at the Swedenborg Society. Images reproduced courtesy of the artist Paul Tecklenberg. Includes a limited edition audio CD, containing nine extracts from the sound installation, 'Random Passages' by Paul Tecklenberg, exhibited as part of 'Fourteen Interventions' February - March 2010.

In A Conversation, the artist Paul Tecklenberg discusses how his ideas evolved during his residency and what he finds interesting about Swedenborg; the interview also reveals the ways in which Paul Tecklenberg responded to Swedenborg House, which the artist compares to a Mike Nelson installation.

Paul Tecklenberg is a graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art and has exhibited in a number of critically acclaimed shows. In 2008 he was elected to be a life member of the London Group. As part of his residency at Swedenborg House, Paul set up specifically adapted pinhole cameras around the building, to capture light and movement, from dawn to dusk. In many photos, the image remains in negative, so that dark objects appear light and light objects appear dark. This is a direct reference to Swedenborg's complex conceptions of light inHeaven and Hell: in the 'true' light of heaven, worldly light seems dark and gloomy; the sun is a black disc. Paul's experimental technique also produced unexpected results; he explains in his interview, in reference to his photograph Heaven and Hell: Doors (pictured, left): 'When I took the image I thought the black interior would come out as white but I had no idea the purples and blues could suggest a celestial hallway to 'the other' or a Tardis. In a way the Tardis is an interesting metaphor for heaven and hell.' These images were integrated within Paul's sound installation in the basement, Random Passages, which involved recordings of staff and members of the Society reading from Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell.

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