Introductory Books

Into the Interior: Discovering Swedenborg

by Gary Lachman

Format: Hardback
Pages: 198
Weight: 0.32kg
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
Dimensions: 187x208mm
Edition: 2nd
Language: English
Place of publication: London, UK.
Date of publication: 2010

Into the Interior: Discovering Swedenborg
(ISBN: 978-0-85448-158-3)




Into the Interior is an introduction to the life, thought and influence of Swedenborg by a renowned writer on the history of consciousness, Gary Lachman. Guiding the reader through a personal journey of discovery, Lachman presents a stimulating, and at times provocative, insight into Swedenborg's ideas of mysticism, sexuality, radicalism and their relevance to contemporary thought.

This short and very readable book about Swedenborg manages to do the impossible: to capture the complexity and depth of Swedenborg's thought whilst communicating directly to the general reader. Lachman's is a thoroughly modern approach to Swedenborg studies. Into the Interior transcends the genre of biography to grasp at Swedenborg's place in the history of consciousness studies and western esoteric practices. The Independent on Sunday enthused how 'Lachman identifies all the roles Swedenborg inhabited ... suggesting why this little known polymath deserves more substantial critical attention'. Beautifully designed and produced by Stephen McNeilly, the bicentenary edition would make the perfect gift for anyone keen to learn more about this endlessly fascinating figure.