Emanuel Swedenborg: Visionary Savant in the Age of Reason

by Ernst Benz


In this comprehensive and well-researched biography, the distinguished German theologian Ernst Benz documents the rich and fascinating life of Emanuel Swedenborg, putting the man and the philosophy in the context of his time.

Benz examines Swedenborg’s life through the lens of the intellectual atmosphere of the eighteenth century. Growing up at a time when the classical view of the world was being challenged by the new philosophers and scientists of the Enlightenment, Swedenborg was deeply immersed both in the religious teachings of the Lutheran church and the explorations of rational science. His quest for understanding eventually led to his spiritual awakening and the unique insights that continue to inspire seekers and thinkers today. 

Format: Paperback

Pages: 557

Publisher: Swedenborg Foundation

Language: English

Translator: Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Place of publication: West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.

Date of publication: 2002

Emanuel Swedenborg: Visionary Savant in the Age of Reason
(ISBN: 978-0-87785-195-0)