Philosophy, Literature, Mysticism

An Anthology of essays on the thought and influence of Emanuel Swedenborg

Edited by Stephen McNeilly

Containing contributions from Czeslaw Milosz, Inge Jonsson, Anders Hallengren, H J Jackson, Gregory R Johnson, Anna Maddison, Saori Osuga, Devin P Zuber, Hazel Hutchison, Eugene Taylor,  Gary Lachman, Michelle Gilmore-Grier, Ariel Hessayon, Keri Davies and Richard Lines.

This library edition comes in a special boxed slip case and makes use of unique archival papers. Printed in a limited edition of 300.

Format: cased/with slip box
Pages: 525
Editor: Stephen McNeilly
Publisher: The Swedenborg Society
Dimensions: 190 x 225 mm
Language: English
Place of publication: London, UK.
Date of publication: 2013
Limited edition: 300

Philosophy, Literature, Mysticism


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The most comprehensive single contribution to date on Swedenborg's influence on the History of Ideas. This volume contains a collection of essays by leading writers looking specifically at Swedenborg's place within the history of philosophy, literature and mysticism. A key textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate research into eighteenth- and nineteenth-century studies, and also a good general introduction to Swedenborg.


Preface  Stephen McNeilly
Foreword Inge Jonsson

Part one

Swedenborg and Kant on spiritual intuition Michelle Gilmore-Grier
Swedenborg’s positive influence on the development of Kant’s mature moral philosophy Gregory R Johnson
C S Peirce and Swedenborg Eugene Taylor
Schopenhauer as reader of Swedenborg Gregory R Johnson 
‘Swedenborg’s Meaning is the truth’: Coleridge, Tulk and Swedenborg H J Jackson
Swedenborgian simile in Emersonian edification Anders Hallengren
Swedenborg, existentialism and the active life Gary Lachman

Part two

Blake and Swedenborg Czeslaw Milosz
Balzac and Swedenborg Saori Osuga
Spiritualized science and the celestial artist:Nathaniel Hawthorne and Swedenborgian aesthetics Devin P Zuber
The spiritual detective: how Baudelaire invented Symbolism, by way of Swedenborg, E T A Hoffmann and Edgar Allan Poe Gary Lachman
A hermeneutic key to the titleLeaves of Grass Anders Hallengren
Swedenborg and Dostoevsky: an interview Czeslaw Milosz
Ideal homes: James, Rossetti and Swedenborg’s House of Life Hazel Hutchison
‘Through Death to Love’: Swedenborgian imagery in the painting and poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti Anna Maddison

Part three

Swedenborg the mystic Czeslaw Milosz
Jacob Boehme, Emanuel Swedenborg and their readers Ariel Hessayon
‘The Swedishman at Brother Brockmer’s’: Moravians and Swedenborgians in eighteenth-century London Keri Davies
Handel, Hogarth and Swedenborg: manners and morals in eighteenth-century London Richard Lines
Jung and his intellectual context: the Swedenborgian connection Eugene Taylor